Empower, Enrich, and Encourage Marriages


The goal of this ministry is to help save and strengthen marriages and honor the Lord through the marriage covenant.  It is our hope to help marriages reflect the beautiful relationship of Christ and his Church.

Marriage mentoring will guide you and your spouse towards a healthier, God-centered marriage.  We desire to walk with you in your marriage to empower, enrich, and encourage.

Mentorship is where the majority of couples will find opportunity to strengthen their marriages.  The Marriage Mentoring Ministry at Midway Church is compromised of non-professional volunteers supervised by licensed mental health professional counselors and pastoral leadership.


In the Marriage Mentorship, you will be paired with a mentor couple.  They will share their experiences and provide instruction from the curriculum workbook.  The help that you receive from the mentors is ministering in nature and is not intended to be professional mental health care.  It is a "coaching" program, not counseling.

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