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Our Vision

To help people live fully for God.

Our Strategy

Helping people live fully God means helping them connect, grow, serve, and go.

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with us in worship.

We want to see believers coming together to worship God and to hear the preaching of God's Word.


in our groups.

We believe that being around other Christians is a vital part of growing in our relationships with God.


in our ministry.

We invited you to use your gifts and talents in our many serve opportunities.


to our neighbors

and nations

We want to provide opportunites for you to take part in God's plan to bring the gospel to the whole world and help people live fully for God.

Our Measures

When we live fully for God...

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...we understand God's work in salvation, the power of God's Word, and how the truths of Scripture affect our daily life.

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...our hearts respond to God in obedience as our desires and delights are for knowing God more intimately.

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...our whole lives are engaged in God's call to serve, share the gospel, make disciples, and manage our resources for God's glory.

Our Values

Meet our leadership team

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