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Creciendo juntos

    Midway is not just a church who gathers on Sundays. A vital element for our growth and discipleship is our various types of groups that meet Sunday through Saturday. We offer Sunday School Groups, Life Groups, Care Groups, Men’s and Women’s Bible Study Groups, and Course Groups. Life Groups: We know life is hard. That’s why we have Midway Life Groups all over Pilot Point and our surrounding cities that are finding hope together. A Midway Life Group is simply: Discipleship in Community. Life Groups are a way in which we help people live fully for God. It is a gathering of men and women from all stages of life who intentionally come together to engage with God’s Word, grow in godliness, and magnify Christ in the context of authentic biblical community. Sunday School Groups: Sunday school groups are a great way to live in community with other followers of Christ. These groups are based in a book of the Bible or a curriculum and can help you grow spiritually through studying the bible, praying, and serving together. These groups will help you develop meaningful relationships and provide an opportunity to build one another up in Christ centered fellowship as you grow together. Care Groups: We know life can be a struggle. That’s why we provide short-term care groups that help people who are dealing with specific struggles. Care groups provide support and connection by using biblically-based curriculum on specific topics of suffering, loss, or addictions. Men’s Bible Studies: At Midway, our goal is for men to grow in their walk with Jesus and in significant, accountable relationships with other men. Jesus calls men to follow him fully and boldly engage in his plan of redemption personally, with our friends and families, in our spheres of influence, and in our culture. We offer various Men’s Bible Studies throughout the year. Women’s Bible Studies: Midway Women’s Ministries is a community focused on connecting with God, his Word, and one another. We want to provide women with a dependable, Christ-centered environment that fosters friendship, growth, and joyful service to others. We offer various Women’s Bible Studies throughout the year. Course Groups: Throughout the year, Midway offers a variety of courses to help provide either general knowledge or specialized training in areas that apply to everyday life.
    When you click “JOIN A GROUP” (see above button), you’ll be able to find open Group’s based on stage of life, your city, or day/time of the week that works best for you. Just enter your contact information and a Group leader will be in touch with meeting details.
    God calls us to be a part of a community that helps us to live fully for God, and our various types of Groups are the best way to be a part of that life. Helping people live fully God means helping them connect, grow, serve, and go, and Groups are the practical way we do that.
    No matter the Group setting, whether it be a Sunday School Group, Life Group, Care Group, Men’s and Women’s Bible Study Group, or Course Group, you can expect a high value placed on Spiritual Transformation, Grace-filled Truth, Prayerful Reliance, Intentional Relationships, and Generational Involvement.
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