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Be a part of all of our serve opportunities here at Midway


Coffee Bar:

A person who serves coffee and warmly greets member and guests.

Door Greeter:

A person stationed at a campus entrance to welcome and direct people on Sunday and Wednesday.


Parking Lot Greeters:

A team of people standing at parking lot entrances waving as people drive by and enter the parking lot area.

Welcome Host:

A person who engages a guest to help connect, escort, and make them feel welcome on Sundays.


A person that helps to get acquainted and seat people during the services on Sunday morning.


Section Host: 

Section hosts are key to helping guests feel noted, valued, and cared for.

Pioneer Days, Peanut Festival, Bonnie & Clyde Days: 

Local community Festivals that provide an opportunity to reach out to people in the surrounding communities.



Shepherds Storehouse:

Volunteer to help with distribution of food, clothes, and medical supplies.

Power Packs:

Donating money and packing power packs to help feed children in local schools who need meals on the weekend.


Dress a Girl:

A person that helps with making little girls pillowcase dresses to be sent overseas.

Teacher Luncheons:

Help host luncheons for school teachers and administrators in August.

Recovery/ Re-entry: 

Helping to give people a fresh start.



Benevolence Team:

A team that helps people in need.

Nursing Home:

A team hosts an ice cream social and church service for Countryside Nursing Home.


Prison/Jail Ministry:

A person that goes to prisons/jails to share Jesus with the inmates.

Denton Freedom House:

A ministry partner that serves to liberate broken men and women.

Event/ Media coordinator: 

A person that helps plans events.



A person who plays an instrument with the Worship Team.


A person who runs the sound board and lights during Sunday Worship.



A person who sings with the Worship Team.


A person who remotely uses the Worship Center camera to video and records Sunday Worship.


Event Set up and Clean Up: 

Set up and clean up of chairs, tables, food, coffee, drinks, supplies, and other items for events that take place at Midway.

Auditorium Restock:

A person that restocks the chair backs with offering envelopes, Next Step cards, and Guest cards.


Facility Maintenance:

A person that works with the maintenance department on an as needed basis.

Funeral Table Setup: 

A person that helps to set up the facility to accommodate funerals and a meal for the grieving family.



Campus safety team that monitors entrances.


An on call medical person for any potential medical emergencies.



War Room Prayer Team:

A team who prays Sunday mornings during the worship service for those attending, the pastor, the worship team, and more.

Prayer Walks:

A team of prayer warriors that pray over the entire Midway Campus, the ministries, leaders, and people once a semester on Saturday.



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Explore some of the ministry opportunities for your Preschoolers at Midway.

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Explore some of the ministry opportunities for your children at Midway.

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Explore some of the ministry opportunities for your youth