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Midway Church was started 40 years ago by five families with a passion to see their community come to Christ. Our heart for the gospel permeates every aspect of our ministry

(now our average attendance is over 800)


The groups pastor is the primary leader and equipper for groups, classes, and discipleship among adults. A leader of leaders, he ensures that group leaders coaches, group leaders, class leaders, and discipleship processes are aligned and equipped for maximum Kingdom impact. Working closely with the connect pastor and serve/go pastor, he help people move along the path to living missionally within groups and class structures. He is accountable to the grow pastor. 



We are looking for adult Christian caregivers to lovingly care for our babies and toddlers. This is one of the most important jobs in our church’s ministry! You are helping to lay a firm foundation of faith in the lives of the babies and toddlers you will be caring for as you hold, cuddle, change, feed, talk to, and play with them. In a very real sense you, along with their parents, are their first picture of God and His love for them.

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