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Safe Church Plan

Midway Church makes every effort to provide a safe environment for all who enter our doors.

How We Provide Safety


Midway is committed to the protection of our congregation and children. Midway Church makes every effort to provide a safe environment for all who enter our doors.


Volunteers go through rigorous screening and ongoing training. All volunteers are required to pass background checks and are never allowed to work alone with any child.

Restricted access to Preschool, Midway Kidz, and Student areas

Only parents, volunteers of the specific ministry, church staff, Safety Team, and children are allowed in the Preschool area, Children’s area (Midway Kidz), or Student Center.


We have a very strict check-in/check-out procedure in our Preschool and Kidz Ministry areas to make sure that each child is accounted for every step of the way.


Cameras are placed in all public areas, as well as in all rooms where minors will be having classes.


Our Safety Team is dedicated to providing a safe environment to all who worship here. They provide property surveillance, respond with emergency first aid for any medical incidents, facilitating action plans for severe weather, and child protection.

Midway Church accepts as central to its mission the establishment and maintenance of a caring environment for every child of God, not least our own children, and a place of grace for all sinners, including those whose crimes are public. Knowing that children are at risk, not yet having the ability to protect themselves, we determine to provide protection for them by carefully monitoring and restricting the engagement of known Registered Sex Offenders who participate in the life of this congregation.

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